Dr. Clive BoddickerWelcome! I'm Dr. Clive Boddicker and I am the founder and chief surgeon of the Baldwinization™ Centers of America. Baldwinization™ is the surgical procedure pioneered by myself which results in the patient's perfect resemblance of the Baldwin brother of their choice. People sometimes ask me, "Clive, why have you made it your life's work to make ordinary, hard working people look like one of the Baldwin brothers?" My answer is always the same. "Because I care for and love all humanity and believe that the key to true happiness lies in the supple, sultry lips and the seductive eyes of America's First Family of Acting™.

Whether you want to look like Alec in "Hunt For Red October" or Daniel golf-clubbing the crap out of someone's skull in "King of the Ants", we can do it!  Why spend another day as an ordinary, average nobody when the key to the glamour and beauty of the Baldwin Brothers is within your grasp?

Feel free to browse this site, and be sure to visit our Before & After section. You'll find our service is industry leading, our prices reasonable and affordable, and our results beyond the wildest expectations of our clients.

The Alec

Price: $1299

Coffee is for closers! And you'll be drinking gallon after gallon of Starbucks lattes with the Alec package! Truly the Cadillac of surgical enhancements!

Being an outspoken political commentator and dating some of the most glamorous women of Hollywood are what this media superstar does when he's not delivering powerful performance after powerful performance in some of the best films of all time.

Whether you want to look like the dashing young heartthrob that heated up "Knots Landing", the fatherly Jack from "30 Rock", or the sophisticated, rugged sex symbol of "The Cooler", the Alec package offers a look and physique that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

The William

Price: $899

Action blockbusters and sizzling sex scenes are what leap to mind with the William Baldwin look. From Sharon Stone to Cindy Crawford, this strapping Baldwin brother has proven time and again to be the object of the desire of many of Hollywood's sexiest ladies.

The smoldering eyes and supple, devilish grin are a surgeon's dream of perfection and have made this Baldwin package a hot seller. In fact, the "Backdraft" version of William has outsold the "Hunt For Red October" package of his brother Alec in 2003, a new record!

The Stephen

Price: $299

Our most popular package for women, Stephen has proven his star power in such hit films as "The Usual Suspects" and "Biodome". A devoted Christian, he is currently helping spread the word and gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to skateboarders in the "Teen Mania Ministries" as well in starring in Christian-produced films such as "Six: the Mark Unleashed".

His previous films include "The Sex Monster", "Threesome", and "Half Baked".

The Daniel

Price: Negotiable

Our most reasonably priced and most sought after offering, the Daniel, this package is perfect for those who want the gruff, ruggedness of Alec and the affordability of Stephen.

Daniel was memorably seen on the big screen in "John Carpenter's Vampires" as a manly, bitch-slappin' bad-ass with a grudge against the undead and as a dumpy small town mobster in Stuart Gordon's "King of the Ants".  In addition to his film roles, Daniel was featured in the final season of "The Sopranos" taking on the role of a lifetime: playing Daniel Baldwin!

If you want a strong, impressive physical presence at a reasonable rate, then this is the package for you!